Author Photo: Samuel Paul Gäumann    📷

 Author Photo: Samuel Paul Gäumann  📷

Dent-de-Lion du Midi is a lifelong artist and inventor.

He has worked as a composer, author, painter, filmmaker, illustrator, photographer and designer.

After blazing a trail as a pioneer in 3D computer graphics, fine art giclée printing, and interactive multimedia, Dent-de-Lion joined LEGO as Director of Research and Development. There he founded Project Darwin, LEGO’s entry into the world of robotics, multimedia, virtual reality, feature film and the web. He was a popular public speaker in Scandinavia.

As an entrepreneur at the nexus of art and society, he initiated The Ministry of Ideas in Copenhagen. Recently, he successfully crowdfunded his design project Leonardo for Art Playing Cards.

Frederick Bear - A Tale of Bern is his most recent work, written and illustrated over the course of two and a half years.

Dent-de-Lion has his studio Meisterwerke Altstadt in the historic old quarter of Bern.

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